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Consumers demand more before they commit. Give them a virtual experience. Learn more about 360 VR!

What is Virtual Reality?

  • VR is the creation of a three dimensional environment that can be interacted with and explored by the end user through mobile, computer, and virtual headsets.
  • The generated image or video are meant to simulate a real world experience for the viewer seemingly as they were actually there.

The ADK Project

Before making a paid camping reservation you’d expect to see where you’ll stay, right? Not the case! We changed that by capturing every campsite in VR giving campers the ability to pick and choose where to stay.
How it All Works

Capturing the Data

We took a synchronized 6 camera rig into the field where we capture sequences of video and photos from each location within the campsite. We also use a camera to capture High Res images if you desire better quality.

Generating GPX Locations

For each location we captured, GPX coordinates were recorded to pin point locations during the mapping process. This is great for large areas and integrating with Google’s Street View.

Cloud Backups

After all the data was captured in the field it was transferred to hard drives and uploaded to the cloud for backups and sharing.

Processing the Data

Most work occurs within this stage where all the data captured needs to get processed. This happens in special software that requires expertise. It will pass through multiple stages to produce the best image possible.

Generating the Tour

Processed images and videos are then added to software where the tour is generated. The design and building occurs there to bring the project to life – combining video, images, maps, and audio.

Web Implementation

A completed tour needs to get uploaded to a website server or hosted via Amazons’ servers (we opt for this super fast method). Your tour is now available on mobile, desktop, and headset.

Floor Plans

We can overlay floor plans that allow you to move between locations while giving you perspectiveon where you are.

Custom Icons

We can source or create custom icons that provide an easy to undserstand visual for viewers.

Audio Integration

Use audio in the background to describe a scene or to create a sense of atmosphere.

High Speed Hosting

If you don’t have a website or don’t want to bog your servers down, we can host your Virtual Tour on dedicated high speed servers.

Google Business

Allow people who search for your business online the ability to explore your retail location. We can get your locationon there!

Google Map API

Connect existing custom built google map APIs with our tours.

Video & Images

Outside video and image sources can be tied into a tour. Example might be a YouTube video.

Points of Interest

Using hotspots we can put emphasis on certain things or link to external sources on the web, such as reservation systems.

Analytics Tracking

Use google analytics to track how people interact with your tour.

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