What is Google My Business?

My Business is a service to help manage how your business will appear in the search engine. It’s an essential tool you can use to control how your listing will display across Search and Maps. Google My Business is the biggest driver of local SEO aside from quality links to your business.

With My Business you can manage how your listing appears to customers. Edit your hours, category, description, add photos, and most importantly respond to the reviews that customers leave.

Why is it so Important?

Because My Business is owned by Google it’s clear that your resources should be directed towards maintianing an active listing. If you do not have a listing then there is no possible way to show up when customers are searching for you or other similar businesses. Your goal should be to show up in the top three results when a customers searches “coffee near me” for example.

Google My Business is built for mobile users in mind, a Google business listing is often the first thing someone will see because most searches occur on mobile devices. It is important to provide all the details they need to make a decision. Having a polished listing is critical to getting customers in the door. Amazing analytics are provided so you can get better insights as to how customers are interacting with your listing.

Getting Started with My Business

The first step to My Business is to either add or claim a listing. This process is easy and straight forward. After you have claimed or added a listing, you will need to verify the listing. Google will, in most cases, send you a postcard with a verification code. Enter this code and you will now have full ownership of your listing, giving you the ability to control how it looks to customers.

Build Your Listing

Once logged into your dashboard, you will see the different options that you can edit. It’s important to go through each one and fill in EVERYTHING. A complete listing is important so your customers have access to all important details of your business. You want your listing to stand out!

The photography for your business is one of the most essential items that dictate whether or not someone will click on your listing. A key emphasis should be on your profile picture becuase it’s the first thing that shows up across all platforms. This is the most overlooked mistake a business will make. Our service includes high quality photography to create a beauitiful first impresssion. You need to get your profile photo right because it’s pushed across all of Google’s platforms.

A Google Virtual Tour is something most businesses do not utilize to their benefit. One of the key factors in your Local SEO rankings are the number of images your business has and whether or not your business has a virtual tour. This allows your customers to view inside your business and virtually walk around – Google says “listings with a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest”. Google favors these listings, helping push up your rankings. Kurt Von Studios is a certified photographer that can offer this service through Google.

Case Study

In April of 2017 we photographed the Ridgewood Coffee Company in VR. That virtual tour is generating on average 860 views per week or 3,440 view per month. This is a lot of organic traffic where you have the ability to make a great first impression. Having the ability to view the coffee shop before hand is a huge sell to new customers. Google also favors businesses with virtual tours in their rankings. To no surprise the Ridgewood Coffee Company is the first to appear in search results.

My Business Tips

  • Claim your listing with your actual business name
  • Choose a category as accurate as possible and also take advantage of secondary categories.
  • Make your profile 100% complete!
  • Make sure your phone number and address match exactly what your website shows.
  • Check your opening and closing times – make sure you update holiday hours.
  • Duplicate your listings on other directory sites like Yelp.
  • Respond to customer reviews and encourage people to write them. This is very important.
  • Take advantage of the “posts” feature to offter promotions, discounts, or update people on what’s happening with your business. These show up in your listing and can encourage on-site visits.
  • Use the messaging feature so you can answer questions from customers.
  • Keep things up to date!

Email Kurt at kurt@kurtvon.com if you have any questions!

Simple Pricing

Flat cost of $94 includes 360 VR tour and photography

payment plans offered