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Instagram Filters

The secret to growing a brand and presence on instagram is to have an asthetic. Why use someone else filters when you can create your own. If you use lightroom presets or photoshop luts to edit, why not turn that into an instagram filter! Don’t know how to code – let us handle the complicated back-end work to turn your preset or lut into an instagram filter.

How It Works


Send Your Preset or LUT


It’s Coded For Instagram


Upload The Filter!

The Process

Watch a walk through on the process of creating an instagram filter.

  • Grow your presence on Instagram
  • Monitor analytics
  • Build multiple filters

General Questions


How do you create a filter for Instagram?

To create a filter for instagram you need to know how to code using facebook’s augmented reality software. It’s a complex process but we take care of the complicated stuff.

How long does it take to create a filter?

Once we receive your preset or lut file we will typically turn it around in less than 48 hours. The goal is to have things to you in less than 6 hours 🙂

What do I need to provide?

You will be able to upload your lut or preset file during the checkout process.

How do I get my filter onto Instagram?

Once we have built your filter we will send you a folder with the files you will need. We provide an instructional video on how to upload to facebook. It takes about 5 min.

Can I customize it?

Once your filter is uploaded you are able to customize things like the title, tags, category, cover image and thumbnail. 

How do I publish my filter?

Once you have everything how you want, you will need to publish your filter. Facebook will need to approve. Wait time will vary but generally it takes a couple days we have found.

Can I view statistics on my filter?

Yes! You can log into your dashboard and view stats on your filter like: impressions, opens, captures, saves, and shares.

Build Your Filter!

Turn your look into an instagram filter


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